Tuesday, March 04, 2003

A Reference Data Framework Using Java Data Objects (JDO)

The MS Word version of the document can be found at http://affy.blogspot.com/reference_data_framework/Reference Data Framework.doc.

The source code that supports the framework can be found at http://affy.blogspot.com/reference_data_framework/reference_data_framework.zip.

Abstract - This paper describes one of the packages developed during a consultancy engagement between Ogilvie Partners Ltd and Eclectic Consulting in Arlington, VA, during July 2002. Our joint aim in publishing our results is to add to the evolving body of knowledge about the application of JDO to real-world projects.

Every application requires some form of reference data to be persisted and managed. Projects tend to treat the topic in different ways which results in duplication of design and implementation effort. As part of a much larger design effort we faced this issue and attempted to write a generic framework that could be reused across different projects.

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