Monday, July 23, 2012

Resolving the "Permission Denied" Message On Accumulo Monitor Page

If your operating system groups are not set correctly, you'll see a "Permission Denied" message under the NameNode section of the Accumulo Monitor page.

This message can be avoided by the following steps:

sudo groupadd supergroup
sudo useradd -G supergroup accumulo

Then restart Accumulo. These steps assume that your Accumulo processes are running under the accumulo user. If not, substitute the correct userid.

Resolving "./zookeeper.out: Permission denied" error

When starting zookeeper, using the following command

sudo -u zookeeper $ZOOKEEPER_HOME/bin/ start

I saw this error:

Starting zookeeper ... /usr/local/zookeeper/bin/ line 105: ./zookeeper.out: Permission denied

I resolved this error by telling zookeeper where I wanted the log file to be placed. Simply edit $ZOOKEEPER_HOME/, then add this assignment at the top of the file:


Then create that directory:

sudo mkdir /var/log/zookeeper
sudo chown zookeeper /var/log/zookeeper

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How I Update To A New Version of Accumulo In Development

There may be a better technique.

cd /usr/local
tar xvfz /tmp/accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT-dist.tar.gz
mv accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT_`date +%Y_%m_%d`

# Copy the old configuration
cp $ACCUMULO_HOME/conf/* accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT_`date +%Y_%m_%d`/conf

chown -R accumulo:accumulo accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT_`date +%Y_%m_%d`

# Switch the symbolic link to the new directory.
ln -s accumulo-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT_`date +%Y_%m_%d` accumulo

sudo su - accumulo
mkdir logs
mkdir walogs


Saturday, July 07, 2012

Installing Accumulo on Linode

I updated my github playground with steps to install Accumulo on a Linode server. The whole process, from buying the server to running the Accumulo shell, took less than 30 minutes. The steps are located at