David Medinets

801 15TH Street South; Arlington, VA 22202; (703) 414-3377

Email: medined@mtolive.com       Blog: http://affy.blogspot.com/




To work as a team leader on complex projects using Java or Oracle in the District of Columbia or Northern Virginia.


I am highly-experienced with Java, Oracle, and ColdFusion. While at Cordiem, Inc, I architected a complex Data Model to hold over 6 million airline part master records and over 20 million airline inventory records. While at onProject, Inc, I reduced their issues list by 50% and introduced the Nested Tree Model to improve software efficiency. While at Toysrus.com, I worked with In-Memory Data Structures to create an efficient catalog-based e-commerce application for the 3rd most visited website in 1999.

Skill Sets

Ant (1 yr)                   ColdFusion (7 yrs)            DHTML (2 yrs)
HTML (7 yrs)               Java (6 yrs)                      JavaScript (4 yrs)
Jboss (1 yr)               
Oracle (4 yrs)                   Perl (3 yrs)
SQL (7 yrs)                 Tomcat (1 yr)                   XML (4 yrs)


Mensa: Lifetime Member


¨      Collaborated with Robin Roos on a “Reference Data Framework” white paper that focsed on Java Data Objects (JDO).

¨      PHP Programming Browser-Based Applications

¨      Shell Programming Tools

¨      Perl 5 by Example

¨      (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0789708663)

Professional Experience

8/2001 – 2/2003                                                                      Cordiem, Inc.
Consultant, Lead Architect & Developer                              Arlington, VA

Improved team efficiency by providing Oracle 9i packages, mentoring email messages, and a framework to synthesize ColdFusion templates (for the User Interface) and WebLogic EJBs (for the Business Logic) into a unified system to emphasize the strengths of each technology.

·        Developed data model holding information about Airplane Inventory; including Part Masters, Serialized and non-Serialized parts. This data model proved efficient at handling over 6 million part master and 20 million inventory records.

·        Wrote Oracle 9i packages to handle all insert, update, and delete tasks to improve efficiency of ColdFusion application.

·        Wrote Java servlet to mediate between ColdFusion and WebLogic.

·        Extended the Struts Validator to handle Field definition, Field Groups and Form-level validation.

·        Used Ant and xDoclet to create EJBs on Jboss and WebLogic.

10/2000– 8/2001                                                                    onProject, Inc.
Director, R&D                                                                           Cedar Knolls, NJ

Reduced issue list by 50% in first three months by refocusing resources. Introduced the Nested Tree Model for efficient storage and retrieval of hierarchical information.

1/1999 – 10/2000                                                                   Toysrus.com
Manager, Internet Applications                                        Fort Lee, NJ

Supervised a team of 15 of ColdFusion developers. Devised In-Memory Data Structure to efficiently handle pricing rules, adhoc queries, group hierarchies, and product information across the 300-server cluster. Developed an XML-based method of quickly loading information during server initialization.

·        Used ColdFusion to manage the 300 server cluster capable of processing 10,000 simultaneous users.

·        Developed content management system including web page snippets, snippet attributes. A group hierarchy controled the display of page snippets, which can be overridden using a sophisticated web-based editting system.

Ongoing                                                                                        Eclectic Consulting, Inc.
Internet Consultant                                                               Flanders, NJ

·        2000 - Wrote a Java-based program to process emails sent via pagers in respond to reservation requests for Bookingzone.com and RestaurantRow.com.

·        1998 - While at AIG, developed an Intranet-based Data Dictionary capable of extracting database schemas directly from Sybase's system tables using Java, JavaScript, ColdFusion and KL Group's HiGrid Java classes. Implemented an updateable Gantt chart display application, a Project Discrepancy workflow sub-system, and a geographical drill-down Intranet application for senior-level management using Java,  ColdFusion, HTML, JavaScript, MS Access.

·        1998 - While at Princeton Review, completed 21-day assignment in 7 days. Evaluated SQL and made modifications to reduce database loads. Performed site-wide optimization to reduce ColdFusion processing times using a personal Perl search-and-replace tool. Wrote system to automatically generate 3,200 ColdFusion tempates and convert them to HTML files on a daily basis.

·        1997 - While at Learning Tree International, taught introductory Windows 95 skills and proprietary applications to groups of 40 students.

·         1997 - While at ConnectedHealth.net, performed business requirements analysis for customized web browser. Evaluated and documented customized web browser based on Microsoft Internet Explorer. Compared custom web browser and proprietary push technology to Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 channels – recommended against using custom solution.

·         1997 – While at Hoechst Marion Roussel, used Groff and Pro*C to create an 800 page report extracted from an Oracle database. Previous year's report used HTML and was 1,500 pages long.

·        Designed a Java applet (using the Reflection API) that dynamically creates a form, validates input, and then uses WDDX, an XML-based langauge, to send the data to a web server for processing - avoiding the need for JDBC connections.

·        Created wddx.pm, a Perl Module that understands the XML-based WDDX data exchange protocol.

1986 – 1996                                                                               Prudential
Information Systems Analyst                                            Roseland, NJ

·        Guided a seven-member team to the highest quality award level for three consecutive years.

·        Supervised and debugged one of the first file transfer system capable of distributing five megabytes of data to over 1,500 locations on a nightly basis using an SNA network.

·        Saved $500,000 in 1995 by converting paper forms to electronic forms. Wrote the first pc-based compiler for the XEROX FSL printer language and designed supporting fonts. This compiler was used in over 500 locations for 7 years - to print FSL form overlays on PCL and PMP printers.


·        1990 - Bachelor of Science, Computer Software – Regents College, State University of New York